Five Cash-free Ways to Spread Goodwill this Christmas

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Looking for cash-free ways to spread goodwill this Christmas? You might find yourself strapped for cash this Christmas, but that’s no reason to reign in your generosity. There are still plenty of ways to spread goodwill, and this article will show you how.

Clear out your non-perishable food items and donate them to a foodbank

Do you have ten cans of creamed corn stacked up in the back of the pantry? A few too many cans of tomatoes that you’ve never used? Now is the time to do yourself a favor by clearing out. And at the same time, you could help someone out who doesn’t have enough to eat this Christmas. You can take the cans down to your local food bank to donate.

Write some Christmas cards for the elderly

Cash-free Ways to Spread Goodwill this Christmas

You can write Christmas cards for people who will be alone for Christmas. There are many people out there who would appreciate a kind and uplifting message during the holiday season. There might be a community group in your town who are calling for handwritten cards, or you can simply create some cards at home and drop them off at a local retirement village.

Smile and ask the checkout operator how their day is going

There probably aren’t many people out there who will enjoy standing at a register in the lead up to Christmas (long hours on their feet, and an endless line of demanding customers). You could actually improve the day of an exhausted checkout operator by asking them sincerely how their day is and listening to the response.

Volunteer at 7 Cups or Blah Therapy

Checkout operators aren’t the only people who might appreciate a listening ear. There are strangers all over the world who could be having a hard time this Christmas. Active listening websites such as 7 Cups of Tea and Blah Therapy connect up willing listeners with those who are struggling. The registration is simple, and you can help someone just by listening to them for 20 minutes.

Surprise a stranger with baking

If you have the basic baking ingredients in your cupboards such as flour, sugar, and milk, you can likely whip up a batch of cookies in no time. Instead of taking them to friends or neighbors, as tradition dictates, why not go a step further and give them to a stranger or distant acquaintance? It could be a homeless person or a cleaner at your doctor’s office. In any case, this random act of kindness is bound to bring some joy.

If Christmas means more to you than simply exchanging presents from under a tree, then there are innovative ways that you can help your fellow human. You don’t have to be rich either. As you can see from these suggestions, giving simply requires a bit of thoughtfulness.

So there you have it: cash-free ways to spreak goodwill this summer!

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