6 Best Ways on How to Clean your House without Chemicals

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How to clean your house without chemicals? Many of us think that cleaning is only possible using the products we buy in stores. This is absolutely false and, at the same time, harmful to our health. The chemicals contained in disinfectants are highly dangerous for our family and also for the environment. There are several home solutions for natural cleaning that are extremely valid to still have a clean and shiny home!

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS: enemies for our health

The main problem with all the household cleaning products we buy in supermarkets is the fact that they contain components that are harmful to health, such as synthetic or petrochemical substances. By inhaling these substances, we risk becoming intoxicated or triggering allergic reactions. Furthermore, millions of tons of detergents end up in the rivers and seas of our planet with a strong environmental impact.

In general, the quicker and more effective the action of a disinfectant or detergent, the more chemicals it contains and is, therefore, more toxic. It is necessary to pay attention to the items and products we use at home, especially if we have children or animals.


Below we will discuss a few options on how to clean your house without chemicals:


If you want to clean your home naturally, never forget vinegar. It is the necessary ingredient for any environment and the result is wonderful. Eliminates grease and dirt, removes stains, fights bad odors, is a natural bactericide, erases traces of oxide from metals, cleans coffee pots, removes stains from carpets.


At home, it must never be missing. For a very simple reason: you can clean practically everything with baking soda, a natural remedy, which allows you to avoid wasting money and excessive industrial products. It is very cheap and can be found in pharmacies, supermarkets or department stores, practically everywhere.

From floors to furniture, from sofas to clothes: baking soda is also very effective in eliminating stubborn stains. It is also a natural anti-odor product, precious where bad smells often thicken. In the refrigerator, in the pantry, in the bathrooms. It acts as a repellent for ants, cockroaches and millipedes. And during the summer, just put it in a bowl, as if it were a coaster, to keep mosquitoes at a distance.

How to Clean your House without Chemicals


Essential oils are natural antibacterial and make the environment fragrant and can be used with the fragrances you prefer! An example is a lavender essential oil, which in addition to being a very useful plant at home, has a relaxing effect, or a geranium one, which will ward off mosquitoes. Some essential oils, in fact, such as bergamot, lemon and orange have cleaning properties thanks to their chemical composition. Others, such as tea trees and eucalyptus, have high antibacterial power, and thanks to this property, they are recommended for domestic cleaning.

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Another hack on how to clean your house without chemicals, is castile soap. Castile soap is made from olive oil and a variety of other oils, all of vegetable origin, such as coconut, hemp, almond and nut oil. It is found on the market both in solid and liquid form, mixed with water, it is able to capture dirt and eliminate it effectively. It is a soap with a thousand uses, completely green and with zero environmental impact. Of all the soaps on the market, pure Castile soap, based on vegetable oils, has been praised for years as being gentler and more versatile than any other similar in circulation.


Hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean washable kitchen and bathroom surfaces, to remove stains and bacteria and to whiten ceramics. It also prevents and eliminates mold and mildew on the surfaces of the house and from the walls of rooms subject to humidity. In the kitchen, hydrogen peroxide is also useful for cleaning and disinfecting cutting boards and other utensils in the kitchen, or appliances such as the refrigerator.


In addition to cooking, lemon juice is an excellent natural ingredient and top hack on how to clean your house without chemicals. In fact, lemon juice has sanitizing and degreasing properties on washable surfaces, it can be used to clean the oven, microwave or refrigerator. It can also be used to clean cutting boards or to polish metals. In addition, it whitens and removes stains from fabrics and is an excellent ecological limescale remover, as well as keeping insects away.

There you have it, the top tips on how to clean your house without chemicals.

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