How to Contour Your Face Step By Step For Beginners

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How to Contour Your Face Step By Step For Beginners? Do you want to learn how to contour your face step by step for beginners? Makeup has been around for a long time. Ancient Egyptians used it to decorate their faces, along with Romans and Greeks. They had ingredients that slowly poisoned them to death, but at least they appreciated the art of beauty.

Today, there’s a technique that lets you highlight and shadow your face to change its shape, called contouring. In a way, it’s like tricking the human eye into believing you’ve got impeccable cheekbones and a slim jawline. It straightens your nose and lifts your cheeks until you are as gorgeous as the day is long. And it’s easy. Here’s how you can contour your face like a pro.

How to Contour Your Face Step By Step For Beginners: The right products


You can’t achieve an accurate contour with just any kind of makeup. You’ll need a contouring product that gives enough shadow and highlight without looking cakey and thick. Here are some products that work well and don’t break your bank: 

•   Wet N Wild Megaglo Contouring Palette: The best thing about this is its affordability. At roughly five bucks, it carries a high level of pigment, which means you can use less on your face while still getting a good result.

•   Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit: There are three colors included in this kit, along with a high-quality angled brush that makes the process much easier. It features various shades of highlighter, shadow contour, and bronzer. 

•   Sephora Collection Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo: Affordable and as easy as rubbing a stick on your face, this contour stick has highlighter on one end with contour on the other. Application is a breeze, but know that you’ll need to use a beauty blender to really blend the color into your skin. 

How to Contour Your Face Step By Step For Beginners: Technique

Now that you’ve got your product, you’ll need to know how to use it. It’s not as straightforward as blush and allover face powder, but not hard, either.

1. Contour: First, get the contour color. Using a beauty blender, brush, or contouring stick, apply shadow in a straight line under your cheekbones. No need to press really hard into the skin, as a good quality product will apply enough color with just a light touch. Next, apply shadow to just below your hairline on your forehead. This brings down your hairline and defines the area. Other spots you’ll need shadow is right under your jawline (to make it pronounced and ultra-defined) and a line on either side of your nose.

2. Highlight: Now, make your face really stand out. Using the bright, illuminating part of your palette, apply highlighter to your cheeks just above your cheekbone contour, as well as just below it. Draw a line straight down the length of your nose. This will elongate and straighten it, and overall, make it more beautiful! Next, highlight directly under your eyes in a downward triangle into your cheeks.  Finally, apply highlighter from the top of your nose and out into your forehead, then onto your chin.

3. Blend: If your palette is made of powder, you’ll want to use a brush. For cream, use a beauty blender sponge. Now blend, blend, and blend some more. Use a dabbing motion with a light touch, then tiny circles, to gently push makeup into your skin. Remember that less is more. You don’t want to overdo it–your makeup should look like it’s floating gracefully on top of your skin, not ground into it like sidewalk chalk. Blend contour shadow in a downward motion, and continue blending until you can no longer see any lines. Carefully blend the highlight and contour into each other, taking care not to bring shadow into your highlighted areas, and vice versa.

How to Contour Your Face Step By Step For Beginners: Make it look natural

One tip to make your contouring makeup look natural is to start in the middle of your face and work outward. Also, making sure you don’t press too hard is key–you want the makeup to sit just on the outside of your skin, not deep inside it. Imagine if you pushed a ton of makeup into the wrinkles and lines of your face–they’d stand out like a light in a dark room. Nobody wants that.

Choosing colors that compliment your natural skin tone is also important. Too dark and it’ll look far too odd compared with the rest of your body. Too light and you won’t be able to use the contour shadow correctly. Usually, palettes will have different shades to choose from, so color matching shouldn’t be too much of a chore.

How to Contour Your Face Step By Step For Beginners: Finishing touches

You don’t want your careful work to be undone in a matter of an hour or so. To set your contouring, use a large brush and apply a generous dusting of powder on your face where you’ve highlighted, with a little bit lighter amount on the areas you’ve contoured. Then let it sit. Yep, you heard right–don’t blend it yet.

This technique is known as baking and is what helps your hard work stay put for hours on end. The idea is that body heat will help set the makeup into place. It might look unnatural or even clownish to have that last layer of powder on, but don’t worry, you’ll wipe it off soon.

Leave the powder on for five minutes, then use a powder brush to gently brush it off. You’ll be left with a smooth layer of makeup that makes your skin looked perfectly airbrushed, contoured and elegant. And best of all, if you do it right, contouring and baking will look completely natural and fresh.

So how’s that for simple? Even if it takes an entire article to explain how it’s done, the process itself is not a complex one. With some practice, you won’t just be a contour expert– you’ll be positively radiant and more gorgeous than you’ve ever been before.

See below video for a video on how to contour your face step by step for beginners!

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