How To Get Whiter Teeth And A Brighter Smile

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How To Get Whiter Teeth And A Brighter Smile? White teeth are important to many people. In fact, the condition of your teeth can determine how other people view you and how you view yourself. Getting teeth that are white is actually simple. By using the tips provided in this article, you will be able to make sure your teeth are white all the time.

How To Get Whiter Teeth And A Brighter Smile

Below we will discuss a few tips on how to get whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

Paint On Bleach

Instead of using bleach to get your teeth whiter, you may want to consider using paint-on bleach. This product has the same concept as nail polish – use a brush to paint over unwanted teeth colors. After you paint it on, let it stay for about 5 minutes, then take it off!

Rinse After Meals

You may not be able to brush after every meal, however, you can rinse your mouth after meals. Thoroughly rinse your mouth after drinking or eating foods that may stain your teeth. This will help remove loose particles and stain causing residues that may be left behind from your meals.

Listerine teeth whitening mouthwash rinse is a great product to help you whiten your teeth. Within the first couple of weeks of usage you can easily see the difference in your teeth. Make sure to use twice a day- once in the morning and once at night. Listerine is strong in killing bad breath and whitens your teeth at the same time.


Using a self-tanning product is a simple and easy way to make your teeth look whiter almost instantly. You can spray tan at a salon, of just use a self-tanning product in the comfort of your home.

The darker your skin, the more apparent the white in your teeth and eyes will be. By applying a tanner, you will get a darker skin color which provides a contrast to your teeth, making them look whiter. Also, as an added benefit, it will also make your eyes stand out even more.

Home Remedies

Trying some easy home remedies to whiten your teeth is best before you go ahead and have your dentist bleach your teeth chemically. Try some natural home remedies like brushing your teeth with baking soda. Mix it with water to make a paste and brush your teeth with it. Baking soda is a mild abrasive that can leave your teeth looking whiter.

Oral Hygiene

To keep teeth naturally white, practice good oral hygiene. Always brush your teeth at least twice a day with a whitening toothpaste. Brushing physically removes discoloration and ensures that foods that can stain, like coffee and juices, are removed regularly before they have a chance to cause staining.


Drink with a straw. Many beverages can stain your teeth, and that is why it is so important to drink with a straw. This way, your drink will then bypass your teeth. Your teeth are still in danger of becoming strained or discolored. Drinking through a straw just lessens the likelihood of that happening.

Beware of Side Effects

Many methods to whiten your teeth may come with side effects. Make sure you are aware of these side effects before using anything. Some methods may even cause your teeth to deteriorate over time. Many home remedies for whitening your teeth are great, but there are those that are destructive to your teeth. Know what you are getting into before you accept home remedies that you know nothing about.

How to get whiter teeth and a brighter smile: final thoughts

So there you have it, top tips on how to get whiter teeth and a brighter smile . Getting teeth that are white is actually more simple than it seems. Since this determines how you feel about yourself and how other people feel about you, it’s important to have white teeth.

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