6 Genius Tips on How to Keep your Bathroom Clean and Fresh

How to Keep your Bathroom Clean and Fresh

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How to keep your bathroom clean and fresh? Cleaning bathrooms is probably the worst task in the house. The smell, the bacteria, the dirt, we prolong as much as possible cleaning the bathroom to not deal with these elements. But, as sad as it sounds, if you leave your bathroom unattended, I assure you it’ll be worse afterward. There’s nothing worst than a dirty, smelly bathroom. However, there are several ways of keeping your bathroom cleaned and smelling nice without having to clean it every week, that way you can have the best of both worlds. Let’s see some of the best tips to keep your bathroom fresh and shining.

How to keep your bathroom clean and fresh

Below we will discuss six ways on how to keep your bathroom clean and fresh.

1. Buy Long-lasting cleaners

The first tip I can give you is to buy long-lasting cleaners that will prevent your bathroom from catching smells and dirt for a longer time. There are several nice cleaners you can buy in the market, the options are countless. Make sure to read the instructions before using them and wear protective gear to not damage your skin. If you buy stronger cleaners, you won’t have to clean your bathroom as regularly.

2. Wipe the Sink Constantly

One of the signs that tell a bathroom is dirty is the sink. Residue from toothpaste and soap can make your sink look dirty and unwashed. Plus, if you have unexpected visitors in your house, the sink is one of the first things they’re going to notice when they go to the bathroom. Instead of embarrassing yourself with a dirty sink, it’s a good idea to wipe with a cleaning solution the sink to simply get all the residue, dirt, and dust out of the way.

3. Use Liquid Soap in the Sink

Avoid using regular bar soaps near the sink, just like we talked about in the previous tip, soap can leave a residue that’s going to make your sink dirty. Instead, change to liquid soap, this will let your sink and counter stay clean for longer. Plus, liquid hand soap is way more comfortable to use when washing your hands.

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4. Essential Oils

We already talked about how to maintain your bathroom clean for longer times, so now we can talk about how to make your bathroom smell nice all the time. Essential oils have many uses, but, you can use these oils to mask the odor and smell, nobody will notice anything. Once people step into your bathroom, they’ll only notice the wonderful smell. You can use an oil defuser to spread the smell all over the bathroom.

There is a vast variety of essential oils you can choose from, each has a different and unique smell, you can choose the one that you like the most. Essential oils also share interesting properties, lavender, for example, is known to have a calming effect. You can have your little aromatherapy room in your own house.

Essential oils are a nice way to how to keep your bathroom clean and fresh naturally.

5. Take out the trash often

The trash can get quite smelly and the sight of an overflowing trash can is horrendous, it delivers a clear message that you don’t care enough to even take out the trash. For this, simply take out the trash more often, once you see the trash is almost reaching the top of the can, take it out.

6. Keep a Squeegee in the Shower

There are many elements that can make your shower windows look dirty, which overall, makes your bathroom looks unattended. For this, you’re going to use a squeegee to wipe the glass every time you finish using the shower. I promise it’s a lifesaver.

There you have it, top tips and tricks on how to keep your bathroom clean and fresh! With these tips, you won’t need to get your hands dirty so often anymore. Use this knowledge to keep your bathroom smelling and looking nice for a longer period of time.


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