Is Green Tea the Best Tea for Cold and Flu?


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Is green tea the best tea for cold and flu? A lot of people think that the flu is not a big threat. But the flu can actually affect one’s health and well being!

On average between 5% and 20% of the US population will get down with the flu this year. Every year 3,000 to 49,000 people die from the flu. And another 200,000 people will be hospitalized as a result of the flu by the end of 2013.


The flu can be fought with vaccines. But research has already shown that a flu vaccine is just 1% effective. The formula is formulated in response to previous influenza strains. But when a new strain appears, the vaccines for preventing the flu will not be available until 3 years later! An annual vaccination may therefore not me the best option to prevent the flu. And we did not even discuss the many side effects of the flu shot!

How can you prevent the flu naturally?

There might be a powerful weapon against influenza. Medical researchers have focused their research on tea. Studies have already proven that people who consume tea are far less likely to contract the flu virus. One study focuses on over 2,000 elementary school children. The children who consumed 1 or more cups of tea each day were far less likely to get the flu than children who did not drink tea.

Green tea best tea for cold and flu?

Another study focuses on green tea supplements. The result showed a reduction of 83% in risk of flu. There was also a study where the participants  were asked to just gargle with a weak green tea solution. Only 1.3% of the participants who gargled with the solution got the flu. From the control group 10% became sick with the flu.

Using a green tea supplement to prevent the flu is very much supported by medical research.

Kou Tea

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Each different tea has undergone various studies and lengthy research to back up its claims and demonstrate its effectiveness. KouTea is designed to be enjoyed by people of various shapes, sizes and lifestyles.

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