Top 9 Make Up Tips for your Wedding Day

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In this article we will discuss the top 9 make up tips for your wedding day. A wedding day is undoubtedly the one day that any woman would agree that she wants to be her most radiant, whether she wears makeup any other day or not.

Taking photographs that will last a lifetime, celebrating with your most cherished family and friends, and saying “I do” with your beloved is inspiration enough to put extra focus on being a stunning bride. Your makeup is an essential piece of your overall wedding look and has the potential to take you from pretty to exquisite.

These top 9 make up tips for your wedding day will help demystify the process if you’re doing it all yourself so that you can look gorgeous throughout your wedding ceremony, photographs, and festivities.

1. Prepare your skin in the months preceding your wedding with healthy foods and water

For glowing skin and healthy hair, be sure to consume a balanced diet of nutrient-dense foods high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Organic and whole fruits, vegetables, fish, fish oil, and flaxseed oil are the best sources of vitamins for glowing skin. If you think you might not get a balance of vitamins in your diet, supplementing with a multivitamin would be beneficial, as suggested by Colette Bouchez on WebMD.

Additionally, drinking plenty of pure water every day to keep your body hydrated will help your skin stay clear. Preparing for radiant skin in advance through diet will minimize the need for extra makeup on your wedding day.

2. Stay true to your authentic style

When looking for ideas to create your makeup look, stay true to who you are and your natural style. Just because smokey eyes look great on someone else, it doesn’t mean it will be the best for you. Think about who you are as a woman. What time periods are you most attracted to, and what cultures and heritage are most relatable to you? Again, it’s not about what looks impressive on another woman but aligning your look with who you are to bring out your real beauty.

3. Replicate your ideal makeup style

make up tips for your wedding day

Remove the stress of trying to create a look from scratch and do what’s someone else has done successfully. Find an example of the makeup you want on a friend, a celebrity in a magazine, or even someone from a bridal photo online. It’s helpful if the model is relatable to you in age, look, and complexion. Pick a few of your favorites and practice re-creating them for yourself to see what you like best.

Rate each look as “not for me,” “pretty,” or “wow!” If your makeup doesn’t get a “wow” from you or anyone else, consider trying out a different look and aim for the wow factor.

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4. Consider your wedding venue and time of day when choosing your colors

You should consider the time of day as well as the size and lighting of your wedding venue (and how far back guests will be sitting) when choosing your color palette.

A midday wedding at a church might call for soft, natural tones, and more dramatic tones might be perfect for sunset vows on the beach. Additionally, the larger the venue and amount of guests, the more dramatic your makeup will need to be to be noticeable from the back row. Regardless, choose your colors based on the location of the ceremony and not for the rest of the days’ celebrations.

Don’t worry if your makeup seems ridiculously flashy for an average day; it will fit perfectly with the beauty of your entire wedding day.

5. Aim for only one step more dazzling than your everyday life

If you’re an all-natural kind of woman that rarely wears makeup, there’s no need to go for full red-carpet glamour. Natural tones that bring out your brows, eyes, cheeks, and lips will be enough to unveil your authentic beauty.

On the other hand, if you typically love wearing makeup and do so most of the time then consider going for more dramatic tones and adding eyelash extensions for that extra pizazz.

By taking it up only one step, you will be, first and foremost, comfortable with your makeup while still showing up as your real self. That will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself on your wedding day. The few extra makeup touches you do add and glow of happiness will do the rest of wowing.

6. Waterproof makeup is non-negotiable

If there is only one tip you take away, let it be just to use waterproof and color-stay products.

On your wedding day, there will be tears. There will probably be some sweating, too. There definitely will be kissing. Then there will be more tears and more kissing all day long. Save yourself the trouble of having to clean up and re-apply your makeup continuously and only use waterproof products.

7. Seal your look with a delicate setting spray

Setting spray is a fine mist that acts much like hairspray for your face, without the stiffness. It will prevent your makeup from smudging and fading while keeping your look jaw-dropping flawless.

8. Take at least one trial run in advance

Have you ever applied and curled eyelash extensions on your own before? That’s just one of the reasons you should do at least one trial run well before your big day. Depending on how well it goes, do an additional one. A practice makeup run will ensure that you’re comfortable with applying anything new. Additionally, it will help you organize a makeup application sequence so you’re not caught off guard by an unexpected smudge or snag on the day of your wedding when you will have so many other things on your mind.

9. On the morning of your wedding imagine yourself as the most beautiful woman you admire

Though not technically a makeup tip and very untraditional, channeling a beautiful woman you think highly of has the power to infuse you with extra radiance while helping to curb wedding day jitters.

You can do this with meditation, prayer, or by gazing at her photo, focus on bringing the qualities that you admire about her into your being. Imagine her posture, her attitude, and personality infusing you with a calming presence that supports and invigorates you throughout the day.

Make up tips for your wedding day; final thoughts

Your wedding day might be one of the busiest, craziest, and joyful days of your life. Incorporate these make up tips for your wedding day as you prepare and leave behind any stress about makeup on your big day. Then you can breathe easy knowing that you glow radiantly from the inside out.

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