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Top 6 Reasons for Journaling


Keeping a journal is like a trail of memories, always reminding you of who you were before. In this article you will find the top 6 reasons why you should start journaling.

Journaling is like a picture that is drawn vividly, entailing you deep thoughts and words. A journal is a set of organized thoughts, words and conversations in your head. It is an organized map to your path forward. Journaling is a true tool for mindfulness.

Channeling your inner self

Journaling creates an excellent opportunity for you to channel your inner self. It is like a conversation with yourself, getting a clear picture of what is within. Keeping a journal allows you to get to know yourself a little bit better. A journal is meant to be a collection of your observations and ideas. It is also a good way to record anything that is important to you that you wish to get back to later on.

You find your perception of life, your thought, and even your beliefs evolving day after day. Journaling allows you to keep these on record, showing you how much you have grown. It is a true journey!

Journaling helps you to keep track of your goals

Journaling is an important tool that can help keeping track of all your important decisions. It can serve as a reminder of why you made them. This way, you can lay down your goals in an organized and clear way. What is the risk of not writing down your goals? Well, they forfeit their importance and remain dreams.

Keeping track of your goals is important if you want to realize your goals. There is a need for a plan to be put forward in order for your goals to be realized. Constant journaling allows you to make step by step plans so you can actually reach your goals within a specific time frame.

Journaling also keeps you accountable. Ensuring accountability makes it possible to go back an re-evaluate your progress, which is an important step for reaching any goal you set for yourself. Also, having a written plan for your goals allows you to re-strategize in case you did not reach your goal.

Mental decluttering

It is quite easy to sort your mental clutter when you keep a journal. This way, you will be left with only the important things that matter. Journaling allows you to understand you coping mechanisms and improve your mental clarity. It allows you to empty your mind and stay focused on the thoughts you have written down. It gives you a better insight of how things should be.

Track personal growth

Progress and growth can only be tracked if you have something to compare them to. Journals facilitate that growth and progress. You as a person have been built over a long period of time, and you are molded together through your experiences in life and decisions that you make.

By keeping a journal you are basically documenting all your mistakes, joys, hurts and experiences. These have all brought you to the place where you are. Being able to look back and compare your past experiences is priceless, especially when your memory fails you. By journaling you are in the unique position to refer to past lessons, giving you a reference of how to handle new situations.

Journaling keeps your life organized


If you want to work on you organizational skills, keeping a journal is an excellent way! A journal is structured in a way that everything is written in order, This is even the case when you need to follow a chronological scale.

Journaling helps you to structure a plan your daily life. It helps you to remind you when to do what, helping you to escape any This in turn can help you to plan and structure your day, your week, your life. Knowing when to do what, in turn helping you escape delay what is actually important. You get structure in your life, as well as a clear vision on paper that makes it easy to follow up.

Keeping a journal allows you to record your ideas before you lose them, making brainstorming sessions far more efficient. Journals are actually an expansion of your mind, and help to keep your creativity. You will also stay innovative as you keep recording your thoughts, which gives you time to discover your mind.

Journaling is healing

Keeping is journal can be a therapy tool. By writing down your thoughts, memories and conversations, you can heal yourself from past hurt or trauma. Writing down your feelings, allows you to be finally free, by embracing and understanding them.

Journaling allows you to be vulnerable even without having to share your thoughts with someone else. You don’t have to go through uncomfortable moments with a therapist. You can delve deeper into your feelings, and going forward be in more control of how you handle certain situations. Do you have anger problems? Work on your temper by writing down your feelings instead of taking them out on someone else. It may even help you to understand why you get angry and how you can overcome your anger.

Journaling: final thoughts

We are not computers and we tend to forget stuff. Journaling helps to improve your memory. Need a dose of inspiration? Get back to your journal for a boost of motivation to get back on track and give you a push to go forward. Not only does journaling allow you to improve your mental health by decreasing stress, but you also get to work on your writing skills and keep your life organized. By keeping a journal, you can watch yourself grow day after day.

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