Top Green Tea Extract Health Benefits


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Want to know more about green tea extract health benefits? It is well known that green tea extract has several health benefits. One of the most eye catching health benefits is that it can help you to lose weight fast and effortlessly.

A study regarding green tea and its health benefits was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study showed that green tea extract can indeed increase fat oxidation as well as increase the metabolism. And it is not just due to the fact that green tea contains caffeine. Researchers have discovered that the weight loss benefits of green tea are beyond that of caffeine. In fact, the study showed that green tea extract contains ingredients that interact actively with each other. As a result, the interaction promotes increase of the metabolism and fat oxidation. And that is what leads to weight loss according to the researchers.

Green tea extract health benefits


To be precise, the compounds that cause weight loss are called Flavonoids. They alter the way your body uses norepinephrine. This is a hormone that monitors how calories are burned. More calories are burned when the flavonoids interact with other green tea extract ingredients. And that is why weight loss occurs.


Ployphenols is another important compound that is found in green tea extract that causes weight loss. Polyphenols also promote fat burning when interacting with other green tea ingredients through a process calles thermogenesis.

Green Tea Extract Side Effects

Luckily, green tea extract is all natural and does not have any side effects. Green tea extract does not increase the speed of your heart rate. There also no raise of blood pressure. And that is what makes green tea extract unique as a fat burner, compared to products like ephedra or other prescription drugs.

Green tea extract is therefore an effective and safe alternative to other weight loss supplements that may cause unpleasant side effects.

best tea for cold and flu

Green tea extract and thyroid conditions

According to a study which was conducted by the University of Geneva, green tea extract may also help patients with a thyroid condition. A well known dietitian stated that green tea extract is a healthy choice for people with a thyroid condition who may be sensitive to stimulants like caffeine. The reason is that green tea extract can stimulate weight loss by increasing metabolism without over stimulating the adrenal glands.

Green tea extract health benefits; final thoughts

Green tea is a common beverage in Asia, but has recently gained popularity in the West. That sparked a whole series of more studies. Those studies showed that green tea extract may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and ulcers. certain green tea extract compounds may significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and even ulcers.

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