What Does Being a Vegan Mean? Is Being Vegan Actually Better?


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What does being a vegan mean? There have been reports saying there are more and more people who are choosing to go on a Vegan lifestyle. As of January 2021, there are approximately 79 million people who pledged to go on a Vegan lifestyle. However, there are still a lot of people who do not fully understand what Veganism is and what is the difference between being a Vegan and being a Vegetarian.

There are many ways to determine what being Vegan is and what it is not. Many people choose this lifestyle as a personal preference, as well as personal beliefs, which is why it is important to have the right and proper knowledge about it. This is similar to how people need to have a proper understanding of the eating habits of other people to avoid misunderstandings, conflict, and the possibility of offending the other party.

What does being a vegan mean primarily?

Being Vegan primarily means the person in this lifestyle avoids eating meat all in all and consuming animal products in general. However, this is also being confused with being Vegetarian. People who are true Vegans do not eat any animal-related products, unlike Vegetarians who still consume dairy products and other animal-related produce. Vegans also do not consume any animal-related products such as any product that causes any harm to animals during the production process.

Vegans also do not wear animal-related clothing such as leather products and they tend to lean more on using manmade fibers, repurposed materials, organic cotton, bamboo, and other similar products. On the other hand, Vegetarians can still use other animal products such as pearls, fur, leather, and the likes.

There is still confusion in differentiating Veganism and Vegetarianism. There are still a lot of people thinking that they are the same. They are similar but they are far from being the same.

Simply put, Vegetarians avoid eating meat as well but still consume eggs, milk, dairy, and similar products as long as they do not put an animal’s life in harm’s way and animals are not subjected to any slaughter. This is the difference between Vegetarianism and Veganism. Vegans avoid consuming any products that come from animals in general. To some people, Veganism may become too strict for them to handle and struggle to keep up with the lifestyle which is why they may choose to go for a Vegetarian lifestyle instead.

That being said, being Vegan is not always easy as well. It tends to involve planning your meals in advance since frozen goods are not exactly accessible for the lifestyle at all times. Despite the growing population of people choosing the Vegan lifestyle, there are still areas and factors that make it hard for the lifestyle. Everything involves the proper research to keep up with the lifestyle and keep up with your pledge.

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Frozen goods are still possible but fruits and vegetables don’t tend to taste the same once they are frozen and reheated. One solution to this is starting and investing in your own garden where you can plant foods to keep fresh produce available for you. This way, you can have access to fresh fruits and vegetables once it is ready to be harvested.

However, there might be people who are pressured into thinking they need to start a huge garden for the lifestyle right away. This is not the case. Those who are just starting their gardens can always start small and on a limited supply of foods until they can dedicate more time and space for their homegrown foods. This process will help you start getting used to the lifestyle. Waiting around until you have a big dedicated space will only hinder you from the benefits of growing your own fresh produce.

What does being a vegan mean? Some final thoughts

Initially, it might seem that choosing a Vegetarian lifestyle is easier for you to handle. Going Vegetarian can also become your training ground and ease you into the Vegan lifestyle. Knowing the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan is also very important. Working on improving your health as much as possible is also very important and is possible if the various lifestyle options available to you are studied properly. Having the proper knowledge and will to change your lifestyle for the better will all be worth it in the end.


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