Zeta White Skin Lightening Cream Review: Does it really work?

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Are you looking for Zeta White skin lightening cream review? Then you have come to the right place! You may be interested in the Zeta White 3-point skin lightening system, which is designed to lighten your skin with 100% natural ingredients. Keep reading if you want to learn more on how to whiten your skin naturally with this product.

Zeta White

What is Zeta White? Zeta White is an at home skin lightening system which is made up of 3 products that reinforce each other:

  • face lightening wash
  • lightening moisturizer
  • lightening night cream 

These products are made in the UK and are all 100% natural. Zeta White is safe for both female and male and for all skin types.

Why a skin lightening product? Well many men and women may want to get rid of uneven skin tone, dark patches on areas such as the underarms or knuckles or improve the overall complexion.

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Zeta White benefits

Why Zeta White? There is a lot of skin whitening or skin lightening products on the markets. However, most of them contain harsh chemicals that may cause damage to your skin. The main benefit of Zeta White is that it contains only natural products and using it is safe to use for your skin.

Zeta White offers a safe alternative to methods like skin bleaching, which is very harmful for your skin. Zeta White is a skin lightening system with organic products that can be used daily and help you to improve and lighten your skin on the wanted areas.

Also, an important benefit of Zeta White is that the products work around the clock. There is a daily moisturizer, and a separate night cream.

How does Zeta White work?

The skin has melanin, which is a dark brown to black pigment. This pigment becomes more prominent when exposed to sunlight. The skin becomes darker. This is especially true for people who live in area where they are exposed to the sun regularly. The skin can then become very dark and your skin may become uneven of it may cause some dark patches in some areas of your body.  

Some natural ingredients, such as lemon, liquorice and lemon may help to reduce the production of melatonin and gradually lighten the skintone.

Zeta White ingredients

What are the ingredients used in the Zeta White system? As mentioned before, Zeta White is made of natural ingredients. These are:

  • Lemon
  • Papaya extract
  • Liquorice
  • Allantoin

Let´s discuss the ingredients in more detail.


Lemon is probably the one ingredient that is known for its skin lightening properties. The reason for being so effective is the high volume of Vitamin C in lemons. It contains one of the purest natural antioxidants. Pure and natural antioxidant are scientifically proven to reduce the amount of melanin that is produced when applied to your skin and used regularly.

Papaya extract

The papain extract that is found in papaya and it helps to remove dead skin cells, replacing it with healthy skin cells. This process reveals a brighter and lighter skin tone.


Liquorice is another natural ingredient that is well known for its skin whitening properties. As the glabridin part of the licorice plant inhibits pigmentation licorice extract can help to lighten dark spots on the skin. After repeated application, a more even skin tone is revealed.


Zeta White also contains allantoin, which works hydrating and calming. Furthermore, it helps to remove dead skin cells, revealing brighter skin.

Allantoin is a natural chemical compound. It produced by many organisms, including plants, animals, and bacteria.

Zeta White is made of 100% natural ingredients. Also, it does not contain mercury. Therefore is a much safer alternative to skin bleaching methods or other products that contain chemical ingredients which may cause skin damage.

Due to the natural ingredients, Zeta White is also suitable for vegans.

Why should you buy Zeta White?

  • 100% Safe, 100% Natural & 95% Organic
  • Paraben, Sulphate, SLS and Alcohol Free
  • Works on all skin types
  • Made in the UK, premium product
  • Suitable for vegans & not tested on animals
  • Ships worldwide
  • 100% lifetime money back guarantee

Furthermore, Zeta White is the only skin lightening system that’s works day and night. So there you have it, a Zeta White skin lightening cream review. Have you tried Zeta White? Share your results below!


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